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Let Me Explain Your Program Options:
1. All programs are full-body workouts 3x per week, followed at home without having to go to the gym. Workouts average 45-60 minutes, and includes (optional) 5-10 minute mobility routines 3x per week on rest days.

Each workout program (Levels 1-6) is divided into one 4-week phase, with each level progressing in difficulty. Level 1 is tailored towards a complete beginner, and Level 6 is tailored towards an early intermediate.

3. Please watch the short video above first, and then read the details of each program level below so you can pick the best training plan.

If you're struggling to figure out which program is right for you, please send me an email (jake@jgcalisthenics.co.uk), and I'll choose the program that best fits you!
 LEVEL 1: Complete Beginner
- No strength requirements: 0-1 pull ups, 0-5 push ups
- No workout equipment required (not even a pull-up bar!)
- Perfect for individuals with minimal to no strength training history (including trainees over 190lbs / 85kg)
 LEVEL 2: Early Beginner
- Strength requirements: 5 scapula pull ups, 10 (medium incline) push ups
- Workout equipment required: pull-up bar
- Perfect for individuals with some basic strength, but still unable to perform over 5 push ups or 1 pull up
 LEVEL 3: Progressive Beginner
- Strength requirements: 10 scapula pull ups, 10 (low incline) push ups
- Workout equipment required: pull-up bar
- Perfect for individuals who are relatively new to calisthenics with some physical exercise background
 LEVEL 4: Experienced Beginner
- Strength requirements: 1-3 pull ups, 5-10 push ups
- Workout equipment required: pull-up bar
- Perfect for increasing strength and reps for pull ups, push ups, and one leg squats
 LEVEL 5: Advanced Beginner
- Strength requirements: 3-5 pull ups, 10-15 push ups
- Workout equipment required: pull-up bar, and dip bars OR gymnastic rings (to perform bodyweight rows)
- Perfect for increasing strength in the basic movement patterns of bodyweight training
 LEVEL 6: Early Intermediate
- Strength requirements: 5-10 pull ups, 15-30 push ups, 5-10 assisted pistol squats (each leg)
- Workout equipment required: pull-up bar, and dip bars OR gymnastic rings (to perform bodyweight rows)
- Perfect for mastering the basics of bodyweight training to prepare for more advanced strength progressions
*Purchased the wrong program level? Let me know before the program starts, and I will reassign you to the right training plan at no additional cost to you.*
My 5 Month Bodyweight Only Transformation
(Working Out At Home Without A Gym)
  • Men & Women of All Ages
  • ​Beginners who are New to Bodyweight Training and Calisthenics
  • Busy People ready to Build More Muscle, Lose More Fat, and Improve Posture/Flexibility
  • Ready to be Fully Committed to make a Transformational Change
  • Weight-Lifting Coaching (such as Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, etc.)
  • ​Advanced Calisthenics Athletes (20+ Pull Ups, 30+ Dips, etc.)
  • Complainers who Don't Want To Change
  • Excuse Makers who would Rather Stay The Same
I’ve taken the complicated process out of joining a program for you.

1. Read your program options above to select the best program level for you.

2. Upon clicking the button of your program choice and checking out, you will receive an email with a sign up link.

3. Proceed to download the app and complete the consultation form.

4. Receive your custom program INSTANTLY after setting up your account.

5. Begin your workouts within 24 hours.

It's that simple. The sign up process takes no more than a few minutes, and BOOM...you're ready to begin your transformation journey!
What You'll Receive:
 4-Week Training Program
 Nutrition Video Guide
 Access To Personalised Fitness App
 Video Exercise Tutorials
 In-App Messages & Videos From Myself
  Private Facebook Group Community
 Support & Guidance
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On a mission to improve the lives of those with limited time or training facilities.
Since January 2018, I have helped thousands of people across the globe build muscle and lose fat through Calisthenics & Bodyweight Workouts that can be completed at home without having to go to an overcrowded gym.

My personal fitness journey began in January 2016, when I decided that I was no longer going to tolerate my lack of self confidence or insecurities any more. Almost 2 years went by, and I was growing frustrated with how traditional weight lifting protocols (such as 'bulking and cutting cycles') always left me feeling empty and unfulfilled.

One night a man walked into my local gym and left the entire gym floor astonished. He was performing advanced bodyweight exercises that no one had ever seen before...let alone have the strength to keep up with him! I rushed home to research that what this man was following was an uncommon style of training known as Calisthenics (Bodyweight Training).

Without hesitation, I cancelled my gym membership, and experimented with working out at home using nothing but a plain simple door pull-up bar and my own bodyweight.

After 5 months flew by, I posted my results on my YouTube Channel. This video alone been viewed over 540,000 times. Messages and emails came flooding in my inbox asking how I can guide them to achieving similar results, which then inspired me to turn JG Calisthenics into a Coaching Business.

By conquering my own failures, injuries, and lack of self-confidence along my health & fitness journey, I developed an extreme passion for serving others.

I found my purpose.

My mission is to transform the lives of over 100,000 people by building the body they've always wanted. Calisthenics was the light I found at the end of the tunnel, and I firmly believe that once you take the first step, you will be well on your way to achieving the most confident, strongest, and happiest version of yourself.
Got Questions? Email: jake@jgcalisthenics.co.uk

If not...I'll see you on the inside!

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